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Outdoor Recreation At Its Best | The Country Place Resort

Article by The Country Place


The Country Place Resort is the best manner of family Outdoor Recreation you can get for miles around, and we are not mincing words when we say this. This is a place where all your gaming and holidaying fantasies can be fulfilled without any subtraction whatsoever.

Are you planning that memorable getaway for your family? Or are you teaming up with a group of families to have the time of your lives this summer? Do you want a place where fun lives and breathes and moves? Do you desire a resort away from anything work and city? Then the search is over: The Country Place Resort to the rescue.

The Country Place Resort is a family getaway place boasting of all the facilities necessary for life outside the leash of work and other engagements. It is a place where one can go with the family and have real value for your money, with zero regrets, and exponential degrees of fun. Why not give us a try today?

The Country Place Resort is nestled between the Catskill Mountains, the tourist attraction of choice for starters. Check out the resplendent view of the city from the Mountain summit and the sprawl of the park landscape which houses everything fun-from water sports to skiing, and all the effects of the perfect holiday spot. It is a good two and a half hours drive away from the bustle of city life; the desired kind of environment for the ideal vacation.

In your list of options for this summer’s holiday, we just have to be NUMBER 1. When you are thinking of that perfect spot for renewal of life and appreciation of nature, think of us. When thinking of a place where you are assured of not only fun, but great lodging facilities, and impressions for every shade of individual, make it a date with us.

To make matters wholly simple and desirable, a weekend or a stay at our spot does not have to mean you will break the bank.  It is affordable, likable and incredible. Especially as we have considerations and discounts for festive seasons and peak summer times. Give us a try today and a comeback is sure to your Outdoor Recreation.

Resort package includes Free admissions to Zoom Flume water park, accommodations, complete breakfast and dinner daily, nighttime family fun, paddle boat ride and finishing activities on our lake.

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