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Fun Vacation with Breakfast, Dinner and Water Park Tickets, Paddle Boat,and Fishing

Article by The Country Place


Are you looking for an amazing Fun Vacation?  It can be quite difficult to find a great place to vacation because it can be very expensive. You might have a limited budget, but still, want to do a lot on your vacation even though you can’t afford things that many people might do on a vacation. Thankfully, there are places that you can visit which allow you to do a whole lot with a limited budget. One place that you might want to consider visiting Is called The Country Place Resort. Here are some of the things that you can do at this exceptional resort for the entire family.

Zoom Flume Water Park:

Located next to this Resort is the Zoom Flume water park. This water park is fun for the entire family. Some of the slides at this park include the Black Vortex which is a dark tunnel and people go down is a tunnel in double tubes. The Wild River Is another slide and this puts six people into a large raft and they go through a series of turns and twists for a lot of fun. When riders go on the Zoom Flume, there are two lanes and the riders will race each other on mats and they go down a series of turns and twists into a small splash pool which is a lot of fun. On the Mighty Anaconda, riders go down at this body slide without a raft and then they exit into a pool called the Lagoon Activity Pool. Another slide we’re right as go down without a raft through a steep tube is called the Canyon Plunge. There are many fun rides at the Zoom Flume water park and the entire family is going to have a lot of Fun Vacation.

Other Activities:

If you’re looking for a fishing adventure, the resort has a Lake where you can go fishing. This could allow the entire family to relax. You could go there and have a picnic, for example, well you do some relaxing fishing. You could take the children there and show them how to do fishing. The lake offers you a lot of opportunities for the entire family.

The Country Place Resort also offers you breakfast as well as dinner when you stay at the resort. They offer both indoor as well as outdoor activities for the entire family. For example, you can take advantage of the sports areas outside or you can stay indoors and use the internet if you want. What you do at the resort is entirely up to you. Many people will spend the day at the Zoom Flume water park and then come home for a relaxing dinner. There’s something to do at this Resort for everyone.


If you’re looking for a wonderful and relaxed Fun Vacation that won’t break your budget, consider The Country Place Resort. They have plenty for you to do here and you’re going to enjoy your stay a great deal. Be sure to visit the zoom Flume water park is this is an excellent destination which is right near the resort and a lot of fun for the entire family. If you want great food, fun things to do, and adventure for the entire family visit the Country Place Resort today.