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Fun Vacation on A Budget | The Country Place Resort

Article by The Country Place


Are you looking for a fun vacation in the budget?  It can be difficult in today’s world to find a place for a vacation because it can be so expensive. If you have a tight budget, there are still places with that you can go which doesn’t cost a whole lot of money and can give you a lot of fun. One place you might consider is called the Country Place Resort. Here’s a little bit of what you can find at this resort.

The Country Place Resort :

The Country Place Resort has many different types of activities. They have both indoor as well as outdoor activities. They even have activities for people during the evening. Next to the resort is the Zoom Flume Water Park which is the perfect destination for the entire family. If you’re looking to have a lot of fun on a budget this is a perfect place for you. You can get a home-cooked breakfast in the morning as well as dinner. Those who stay at the resort have free admission to the water park every day. Included in your stay a heated pool, outdoor sports area, wireless internet, pedal boats, and a lake where you can go fishing.

Accommodation :

If you stay a minimum of two nights for four people, it will cost you $99 tax per person per night during the weekend days. This decreases to $79 plus tax If you stay on a weekday.  Each package assumes a three-day, 2-night stay. If you want to stay with a larger group, this can be a great way to save money. When you book four or more rooms everyone in the group will get 10% off their entire package. This can be a great way for a large family to take a vacation or for a larger group such as a company to take a vacation together that is affordable.

Things to Do:

There’s plenty to do at The Country Place Resort(https://thecountryplace.com/). The Zoom Flume water park is one of the common destinations for people that stay at the resort because it’s simply a lot of fun for everyone. It’s the perfect place for children, but adults will enjoy the park, too. Some nights there’s a luau party. You’ll enjoy fire dancing common hula-hooping, music, and other activities at the party. There will be hula skirts, hibiscus hair clips, and flower leis for everyone. You can come dressed in a sarong or your best Hawaiian shirt and enjoy a luau party at the resort. You can call the resort before you book to see what sorts of events are coming up that you might be interested in. If you want a fun place to stay that is affordable I would look at the country Place Resort.


It can be difficult to find an affordable place to stay when you want to take a Fun Vacation on A Budget. If you want to save money and you’re on a budget, the Country Place Resort is a perfect option for you or your family. They have affordable rates and plenty of fun things to do for everyone. Come to the Country Place Resort, visit the Zoom Flume Water Park and enjoy your stay on your next vacation.