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Catskill Water Park Vacation Under $500

Article by The Country Place



Everyone deserves a vacation whether it’s a family vacation, friend’s reunion or solo. In these scorching temperatures, you don’t need an expensive restaurant than to go on a water slide? We can learn from the Kids they know what fun is and how to be happy. The kids are clever. In this sizzling summer water park is an absolute place to learn from the best. The biggest problem arrives that the Water Park Vacations are spacious in expense.

Now you can enjoy the Catskill Water Park Vacation Under $500 with the renowned Country Place Resort Home of Zoom Flume Water Park. It is a top-class resort which New York’s Catskills has never seen before with the elegantly designed deluxe suites, a luxurious lodge set right in the mountains.

The Country Place Resort Home of Zoom Flume Water Park gives you an unbelievable experience of comfort and luxury. It is a great place where all generations can delight their own unique adventures.

Catskill is a prominent location for the fun, thrill, adventure, entertainment, and peace of mind with the new roads, charming towns, unusual experience, and inclusive resorts.

The Country Place Resort Home of Zoom Flume Water Park is the best fit for Catskill Water Park Vacation Under $500. We have all the Stay and Play Packages for the guests. In addition, our guests will be eligible to enjoy the Zoom Flume Water Park for free.

Water Rides in Zoom Flume Water Park:

1. Typhoon Twister is a jittery one or two people ride.

2. Riptide Cove Wave Pool is an approx. 4ft depth swimming pool and able to form distinct sorts of waves and wave heights.

3. Zoom Flume Serpentine Slides is a twist, turn body-sliding ride closing with a delightful splash.

4. And Much More…

Not only the water rides you will be savoring here, But You will also be relishing the adventurous and surpassing events around the Catskill. In addition, you and your family can delight the outdoor and indoor activities of resort also the paddle boat, Bouncing house, fresh gourmet and much more of our amenities.

Catskill Water Park Vacation Under $500 is going to be the most enjoyable vacation for you with the Country Place Resort.

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