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The Most Relaxing Water Park Resort IN New York | The Country Place Resort

Article by The Country Place


I don’t know where you intend to be at the break of the summer this year, but as for me, I have made my choice to Water Park Resort. It is one borne out of a careful assessment of the facilities, equipment, considerations, and location of all the relaxation spots in New York, and I have chosen The Country Place Resort. As a matter of fact, I am urging you to do the same.

The Country Place Resort is a complete substitute, for you and your family, and I guarantee you will get satisfied if you decide to avail yourself for the opportunity to experience the brand of heaven being offered to you on a platter of gold.

There is no other place in New York that will give you this brand of mad fun for a paltry sum especially at the peak of the summer when people are supposed to be making an overkill of clients. While others do that, Country Place Resort is simply interested in customer satisfaction and comeback value. This is what promotes us and gives us worldwide acclaim.

Buried deep under the thighs of the Catskills Mountains and a whole two hours drive away from the bustle of New York City, Country Place Resort is poised to make your summer a memorable one. For starters, it is next to  Zoom Flume Water Park, the most prestigious park in America complete with all sporting requirements and decked full with all you need to make your family love you for bringing them down there. Whether it’s your family you came with,  or you alone, join in the fun and enjoy till you can.

There are varieties of activities that will make you even lose track of time. You should have got fun here with your loved ones and make your vacation amazing and enjoy all of the fun. Now it’s time to make a plane and have this fun. Don’t worry you will really get impressed with all of the facilities.

Try it this summer. And you will get Thankfull to.

Resort package includes Free admissions to Zoom Flume water park, accommodations, complete breakfast and dinner daily, nighttime family fun, paddle boat ride, and finishing activities on our lake.

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