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Bonfire Warmth under a Blanket of Stars | The Country Place Resort next to Zoom Flume Water Park

Article by The Country Place


It is said that real champions are forged in the flames, they do not melt under the fire of life’s pressure. We at Country Place Resort would like to take the fire of life’s pressures off and instead light a spark in your bonfire heart. That’s right; The Country Place Resort invites all its guests for a bonfire under the stars.

A superb vacation has never been easier to plan. Whether you’re looking for an adventure with friends, a chance to socialize or a bonding opportunity with family Reunion. Perhaps a romantic getaway plan hoping to spend a quiet night together or a heartfelt unique gift for those you care about, there’s nothing better than an outdoors roaring fire under the stars to create the atmosphere you are looking for.

Bonfires have been a traditional part of enjoying celebrations or relaxing outdoors while camping but it is no secret that it comes with potential risks and tedious planning especially when adhering to the municipality rules of your area.  For all these reasons and more, we here at The Country Place Resort is your one-stop solution.

We take safety measures that include the necessary preparations, weather assessments, and monitoring. All you have to do is bring your blankets and wear warm clothing and of course, have fun.

Building a toasty fire is a wonderful way to take some of the chills out of the frosty air and a great excuse to bring out and enjoy some of those childhood pleasures such as mores, hot cocoa, refreshments, storytelling, music, dancing, toffee apples, jacket potatoes you name it.

As the flames burn brightly and the sparks fly into the sky and disappear before they reach the stars above, with the moon, near the horizon, beautiful and round, flawless as porcelain, what is not to love! Come to The Country Place Resort– Next to Zoom Flume Water Park and enjoy a bonfire under the stars. Let the fire rejuvenate you and fuel your heart. Come feel the warmth and the joy and the comfort of a dancing fire with your friends, your family, and all your loved ones.

The Country Place Resort does not just guarantee you a night of fun but a safe experience that will give you great memories to treasure for Bonfire Warmth. Come to The Country Place Resort – Home of  Zoom Flume Water Park.